About Us

The Team

Our excellent reputation and improving success of the business is due to one main factor: we are ice sculpture artists who absolutely love what we do.

As ice sculpture artists, we love making things and always have done since we first used scissors on cereal boxes and sellotape on toilet roll tubes!

Established in 2006, we have designed and created ice sculptures for clients such as Rolex, Jaguar, Gucc, Sony and MTV. The team have represented the UK, winning prizes at both the European Ice Carving Competitions and the World Ice Carving Championships in Alaska.

We have carved sculptures for Game of Thrones, War for the Planet of the Apes and for the Cannes Film Festival. With our skills and professionalism the possibilities are endless in creating stunning pieces of ice art.

Glacial Art continues to receive positive reviews and mentions in the media like BBC News, ITV News, the Irish Examiner, Liverpool Echo and VICE.

Matt Choloner

Master Carver

Big Mat leads the carving team at Glacial Art. He does most of the ice sculptures himself and oversees the junior carvers, making sure everything that leave our doors is up to the usual high standards. Mat specialises in Live Ice Carving demonstrations and has won prizes, representing the UK at European Ice sculpting competitions and at the World Ice Carving Championships in Alaska.

Mat Foster

Creative Director

Little Mat is in charge of concepts and design. He figures out how we will make the ice sculptures, how we will store them, move them and finally install them at the event. Planning and logistics are crucial parts of what we do when you consider everything we create is made from frozen water. When the phone isn’t ringing and the emails have all been answered, Mat still loves getting in the freezer and carving along with the rest of the team.